Intuitive Intelligence for your Digital Wellness

The powerful yet intuitive Audra Cloud A.I. brings you seamless and critical control through state-of-the-art A.I. driven gateway solutions. It filters information and restricts unwarranted access to keep you in the driver’s seat of what your Internet should do for you – be it at home or at your workplace – and become your true ‘DYI’ Internet Control Tool.


Audra Cloud is the most important component of the Audra Internet Controller ecosystem. The Audra Cloud is constantly connected with your Audra gateway device through a secured protocol. Audra Cloud stores all user-wise Internet controls and rules, and makes sure that these rules are followed by the Internet traffic entering your home or workplace network. Audra Cloud also updates itself with the latest threats, so that you don’t have to. Audra Cloud intuitively shields your home network from unwanted use and from unknown online dangers.