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Protect home from online threats. Guard personal data and privacy. Set usage rules. In just a few taps

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of personal data loss finally leads to financial losses


increase in home network malwares observed in last 2 years


smart home devices get compromised to hackers every year


children are reportedly addicted to internet and gadgets


children get access to contents not appropriate for them

A home firewall - brought in an easy DIY package

Business-grade security, with Audra’s practical AI and simple controls, comes live in your hand. That’s why we call it – DIY firewall for homes
  • Set-up easily, plug-n-play

    Setting up Audra is like A-B-C. Connect 2 cables from 2 sides, follow few steps and you are up and running in no time

  • Protect data in a few taps

    Secure your work and personal data in just a few taps, and insulate your home from online threats outside

  • Shield against online attacks

    Block malware, adware, DDoS, hacking, and other attacks - known and unknown - on you and your smart home devices

  • Ensure right content access

    Block adult, gambling, dating, and other contents, not suitable for dear ones. Also, blacklist/whitelist for further protection

  • Get balanced internet usage

    Set schedules for study, play, and bed. Allocate time quota and other controls to prevent gadget dependency

  • See reports and analytics

    Monitor all that happens in your home network. Control from your mobile app and enjoy complete peace of mind

Can home firewall be really simple?

Audra HomeShield follows the same business-grade firewalling technology, fully managed with easy and custom-built user app, keeping home users in mind. Audra’s simple and intuitive design comes with essential controls - backed by robust cloud firewall. And anyone with zero IT skills can install, apply and operate easily.
  • Audra HomeShield creates a robust security layer around your home network
  • Connect all your home devices – mobile, laptop, gaming console, TV, CCTV etc.
  • Every traffic that comes in and goes out, passes through Audra Cloud AI
  • Whatever rule you set – device by device, Audra’s AI manages those top to bottom

Why users love Audra HomeShield?

Merynn Tan Blogger and mother

Setting up Audra at my home was so simple. Then downloaded the app, and I was fully ready to control of my home internet​.

Dynas Mokhtar Actress and mother

As a working mother, I feel safe using Audra. My work as well as my kids – I can protect both in just 1-tap. It’s very simple.​

Megan Tan New anchor and a mother

Audra HomeShield helped me reach a balanced physical and digital life in my family, even for me personally.

Frequently asked questions

  • I already have a wifi router? How do I set-up Audra then?
    • Audra is a very sophisticated 1 Gbps Dual-band WiFi router. If you wish, you can replace your old router with Audra HomeShiled router, or use it as a switch before your existing router. Our easy installation guide will assist you fully.
  • I use antivirus in my devices. Why do I need Audra for my home?
    • Antivirus gives device specific protection. Audra HomeShield ensures ALL your internet connected devices while at home, are protected.
  • What is DDoS and why do I need to protect my home from this?
    • DDoS is a special attack mechanism by hackers, on all your internet connected devices. It paralyzes the system and thus launch attacks. As home users, you can hardly realize this sort of attack. Audra comes and protects you from this.
  • How the Audra HomeShield subscription works?
    • Audra is a Cloud AI-based solution, and you pay subscription for it. You get the associated device free of charge, because Audra Cloud AI cannot work without this device. All the updates and features come free, as you continue to pay for the subscription.
  • What happens if my Audra device gets faulty at any point in time?
    • Audra HomeShield comes with 12-month replacement warranty. During this warranty period, you can claim a new device as soon as the old one gets faulty (T&C applies), unlimited times. After 12-month period, you can always buy a new device at a nominal price and tag it with your old account easily.

Be in control

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