Best in class Internet Controller, and so easy

Audra brings a state-of-the-art Internet Control solution to protect your loved ones. HomeShield allows you to set customized rules for internet usage schedules for your family, and specially protect your kids from dangerous online contents including violence, sexuality, gambling, and so much more.

Restore the Digital wellness of yourself and your loved ones today. Audra is here for your peace of mind.

children are addicted to the web
learn sexting via Internet
ADHD is increasingly internet induced
exposed to pornography

How Audra HomeShield safeguards your home

Audra HomeShield is a combination of (a) Gateway device, (2) Cloud-based AI and (3) Management app.

The gateway device sits between your connected home devices and your ISP’s line. Once you complete the easy plug-and-play installation, the Audra management app gives you the easiest user interface to set your own customized controls on your home internet network. Once this is done, everything, all Internet traffic that passes through the gateway, gets filtered by the robust Audra Cloud through a secured protocol.

All internet traffic only comes through to your home – 1. If allowed by your set Audra controls or, 2. It is safe for your home; else, it is stopped at the gateway. Thus, Audra HomeShield continuously works in the background to ensure your home becomes the peaceful shrine you have always wanted.

How a mother sets up Audra

Merryn Tan – mom of two – sets up Audra HomeShield to provide digital protection for her family.

Setting Up Your Audra HomeShield

Setting up your Audra HomeShield is simple and hassle-free. With a few easy steps, your home network is secured and you are in complete control with your own customized internet rules.

Step 1
Install & Activate
Step 2
Download Audra app
Step 3
Follow app guidelines
Step 4
Monitor from app or web
Step 5
Enjoy peace of mind

Audra Cloud

As a cloud-based service, Audra provides you on-demand controls and seamless customization for the internet behavior of the devices connected to your office network, through your HomeShield and BizSecure purchase.
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