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Shield your confidential data from online threats. Shelter your family from gadget addiction and bad contents – in just a few taps

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Audra HomeShield – a complete security solution with DIY package​

Work, banking, socializing – you do everything online from home. For classes and play, your kids are online too. But is your data safe online? Are your kids accessing the right contents without falling prey of gadget addiction?​

We got the practical solution for you - Audra HomeShield ​

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In home, malware attacks increased 7X in last 2 years

Where 71% personal data loss finally leads to financial losses​

  • Shield against online attacks

    Block malware, adware, DDoS, hacking, and other attacks - known and unknown - on you and your smart home devices​

  • Protect data in a few taps​

    Secure your work and personal data in just a few taps, and insulate your home from online threats outside​

  • Secure smart home devices​

    41% smart home devices get hacked every year. Protect phone, laptop, CCTV, TV, and other devices in 1-tap​

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65% kids are addicted to internet and gadgets

Where 9 out of 10 get access to inappropriate content​

  • Block bad content access​

    Block adult, gambling, dating, and other contents, not suitable for dear ones. Also, blacklist/whitelist for further protection​

  • Prevent gadget addiction​

    Set schedules for study, play, and bed. Allocate time quota and other controls to prevent gadget dependency​

  • Get complete visibility​

    Set rules from your mobile app. Get complete report and analytics anytime, anywhere​

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Can home firewall be really simple?​

You heard about robust firewalling technology for businesses? Audra HomeShield follows the same. It’s synced with AI and ML based strong cloud firewall to protect against latest threats and contents. But don’t worry, you can simply manage it with the intuitive Audra app - no prior IT knowledge is needed. Apply and operate easily and stay on top of your home security.

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Why users love Audra HomeShield?​

Merynn Tan Blogger and mother

Setting up Audra at my home was so simple. Then downloaded the app, and I was fully ready to control of my home internet​.

Dynas Mokhtar Actress and mother

As a working mother, I feel safe using Audra. My work as well as my kids – I can protect both in just 1-tap. It’s very simple.​

Megan Tan New anchor and a mother

Audra HomeShield helped me reach a balanced physical and digital life in my family, even for me personally.

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