Be An Audra Partner

Audra has a purpose… The purpose of giving the control back to the millions of parents and small-medium business owners, to maximize the benefits of internet, by securing their home / workplace network from dangers of it. Audra, with its complete solution suite, is made simple, effortless for end users, while robust enough to make sure – they are protected from perils of the connected world. As a partner, Audra gives you a new category of business-grade security with home-grade simplicity and affordability. In the process, you gain new business, buy serving your current / potential customers with delight.

Why Partner With Us

- Entry into new business category
- Large untapped market potential
- Simple and affordable, yet robust solution
- Easy plug and play set-up, with low/no maintenance
- Continued income from subscription charge
- Simple partnership terms, win-win on both sides

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