Audra Business

My internet, my rules at work.

Experience the benefits of a gateway device through a simple plug-and-play setup for your business network. You can now set the rules for better productivity, whitelisting, QoS, protection against data leaks and threats.

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Specifications, That suit you

  • Size

    28 x 17.5 x 6.5 cm

  • Weight

    0.95 kg

  • Bandwidth

    100 Mbps

  • Color

    Matte Black Metal

  • Ports

    4x LAN, 1x WAN

  • Management app

    Android 8.0 or higher
    iOS 9.0 or higher

Get Audra Management

Audra Management App allows you to seamlessly manage your Audra network at your office. You can connect and manage all aspects of office internet usage rules from anywhere in the world remotely with the Audra Management App.

How it works for you

  • Install a small yet robust Audra device
  • Download the Audra app
  • Set rules, as the app guides you step-by-step
  • Monitor, control and manage from your mobile app or desktop site
  • Enjoy peace of mind – anytime, anywhere