There’s a lot on the internet for your child to access. Are you setting the right rules?

What could have been a pretty family picture is almost a nightmare come true – your kids are seated at the dinner table or lolling around on the sofa, unaware of the threats surrounding them. They should have been engaged in a family conversation but they are staring at their screens. You let it go for a while but it really makes you wonder – why is it that my children refuse to engage in a real life tête-à-tête. Are they downloading content that’s not age appropriate or is some sexual predator out to get them?

To think of it, it’s your home and that is one place your children should feel most safe, but the presence of the internet means they are exposed at any time to anyone.

While it’s imperative to give children enough space to grow and explore, it’s also important to cultivate awareness of the many threats of the internet and let them know how to be safe online.

You as a parent can do a lot more than just worry about the state of affairs. It’s not about control or moral policing all the time, but as a guardian, it makes complete sense to be aware of what your kids see and hear on the Internet, who they virtually meet, and more than that – what they say or share about themselves.

And if you’re being driven up the wall with strange noises and compulsive clicking sounds emanating from their rooms, maybe it’s time for you to stop this addiction. It may seem fun in the beginning but the weird online games could actually rule or ruin your children’s life. Kids have lost their lives because of their powerlessness before the controller. Think Blue Whale and Momo Challenge and the scenario looks even more grim and dismal.

But now, it’s totally up to you and there are ways and means for you to set the rules for all the devices connected to your home. Not just that, with Audra, you could manage the network the way you want it managed. Come exam time and you could set a reduced screen time and if it was about rewarding your kids for great results or winning competitions, you could allocate a bit more time for your kids. Audra lets you feel secure as you keep your children safe.

It’s your internet so it should be your rules.