The Digital Storm

Today, the world is more connected than ever. Be it connecting with business prospects, arranging meetings, paying bills, buying home essentials, planning your next trip, interacting with friends, accessing e-tutorials, playing games online or even controlling your home devices through your phone and Wi-Fi – the internet plays a central role in our lives.

But this also brings some very real and present dangers along.


Digital Wellness

The need is emerging for Digital Wellness that strikes a balanced relationship between technology and wellbeing and seeks to establish a holistic and unified approach.

  • Healthy guidelines & boundaries for our tech relationships
  • Maintain sane levels of non-tech human activity in this digital age
  • Attain a healthy level of control over screen time and digital access

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Audra HomeShield

Audra HomeShield enables you to set and manage rules for all devices connected at your home, from home or when you are away

  • Seamless parental control over handheld/installed home devices
  • Ease of use – all devices are app managed
  • Custom settings for individual devices

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Audra BizSecure

It gives you absolute authority and real time control over your official wireless network, and internet access points inside your workplace.

  • Optimize office productivity
  • Whitelist & Bandwidth Control
  • Violation alerts and threat updates

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Audra Management App

A reliable and convenient interface through which you can manage your children’s online activities, even when they are away – simply through this app on their devices

  • Specific device rule settings
  • Specific website blocking
  • One click bed time/study time/custom settings
  • Time quota based blocking



  • Set Wi-Fi rules

  • Manage usage time

  • Get notified real-time

  • Ensure security

  • Track activities

  • Access remotely

  • Identify & check

  • One-click custom settings


The friendly GUI; everything is easily accessible and not hidden behind some crazy menus bombarded with too technical words. The usage charts and online lists are also a great dashboard to look at for those data nerds. The mobile app is also a great way to remotely monitor and configure your network, really like this feature.

Airff Suffian

Airff Suffian

Cybersecurity Consultant - e-Lock Corporation Berhad.

Other than custom roms available for routers, Audra would be the first in Malaysia to have a easy to use product for digital wellness. I like how it can be used to safeguard users from malware, adware and other sites that is not safe for viewing. Families nowadays are spending too much time on their digital devices and children are also jumping on the bandwagon. Audra gives much control over this which is good.

Melvin Wong Kin Mun

Melvin Wong Kin Mun

Cloud Support Engineer - Rhipe Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

The device works buttery smooth, the support team is great and features are great.

Chew Ek Siong

Chew Ek Siong

MIS Executive - Sony Music Entertainment Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

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Audra HomeShield

Audra HomeShield is here to replace your old router to give you a secured WiFi network. The plug and play set-up is as simple as setting up a gaming console, when the game is actually yours. Set parental control rules, protect your home from all concerns and get peace of mind. Make sure – only the goodness of internet passes through.

Audra Home

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Audra BizSecure

Audra BizSecure is a gateway device with simple plug and play set-up. It sits on the back of your office access points and connects them with our ISP conveniently. That is where you set rules, like whitelisting, bandwidth and many more to ensure employee productivity and threat protection.

Audra Business

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