Grow fearlessly with the new-age, sophisticated Audra SD-WAN

Turn expanded presence in your favour. Put security concerns at bay. On-prem or cloud-native - we have you covered

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of enterprises list network security as the largest network challenge


owners are frustrated with the high cost or complexity of MPLS


enterprises say reliability is a prime concern for their internet network


enterprises use multiple, yet redundant connections in their branch offices


of enterprises are moving the business-critical application to the cloud

Knit your branch networks with security threads

Be on the center stage. Orchestrate the most sophisticated SD-WAN for your ever-expanding business. Move forward, never look back
  • Intelligent orchestration

    Central management from a single orchestrator for all of your branches using an encrypted tunnel for data transfer

  • Sharp auto-provision

    Audra's automated provisioning brings up connectivity across the controller and branch offices easily with minimal overhead

  • Hub for auto-configuration

    Central deployment and network control configurations for branch or cloud edges with a simple Audra portal

  • Central surveillance

    In-depth monitoring, granular analysis and issue reporting for centralized control and flexibility

  • Granular control

    Audra firewall applications are designed to provide both stateful and state-less filtration schemes across your networks

  • Private cloud gateway

    With cloud integration, SD-WAN controller acts as a virtual cloud gateway connecting application nodes on a private cloud

  • Robust firewall

    Stateful and stateless firewall during access to the cloud resources from public or branch networks

  • Dynamic VPN with edge

    Powered by IPsec site-to-site VPN, the Audra controller effortlessly initiate an encrypted dynamic VPN network with edge gateways

  • Threat management

    Cloud traffic analysis and protocol management for PPS, MBPS, incoming and outgoing connections

How Audra secured SD-WAN stands out

As multi-branched businesses across the globe are adopting SD-WAN, Audra brings a clear game-changer in the space. It brings about a hybrid of on-prem and cloud-native solutions, to deliver utmost flexibility. The sophisticated Audra Orchestrator effortlessly manages the SASE Gateways and Enterprise/Business Edge Gateways simultaneously and delivers the superior application performance and flexible bandwidth control and solid surveillance
  • With Audra Secure SD-WAN, keep worries at bay when you need a dependable and resilient WAN architecture across your HQ, Branches and Cloud locations and weave them with security threads
  • From a single cloud panel, manage all your remote branches through Edge gateways, cloud applications through SASE Gateway and remote users through secured VPN tunnels
  • The Audra Orchestrator, coupled with its proprietary ACMP puts you in the right cockpit to ensure iron-clad VPN overlays across your distributed networks and up to the most granular levels
  • With the combination of on-prem Edge gateway and state-of-the-art SASE gateway, Audra SD-WAN delivers flexibility and makes sure you are in full control and intricately shielded from possible threats

How global businesses vouch for Audra

Network Administrator Zenith Insurance Co.

I look after 14 office networks nationwide. The smooth connectivity I got with the Audra SD-WAN solution is absolutely amazing.

CIO Max AMC Ltd.

We deal with financial data where hacking is a common thing always. After using Audra, I can confidently say our clients' data is fully secured across all branches.

Head of Security Carnival Internet

Having an encrypted connection is a must in ISP business. We use Audra SD-WAN for our HQ and branch offices to ensure both the stateful and state-less filtration schemes for private cloud.

CTO CubeX Distribution

Constant connectivity in this era is a must. Even more, after the pandemic started as our teams work remotely. With the IPSEC the controller of Audra, we can initiate an encrypted dynamic VPN network with edge gateways easily.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the Audra SD-WAN security features?
    • Audra SD-WAN is fully equipped with amazing security features to meet your needs. Some of the security features are - a. Access Control List, b. Spam Generation Guard, c. Anti DDoS Attacks, d. Adware Prevention, e. Malware Prevention, e. Unwanted Traffic Categories Blocking, f. Firewall for Private Cloud, g. Firewall for Inter-Branch Communication, h. Firewall for Remote Access Client and many more.
  • Can I control my office internet bandwidth & traffic?
    • Yes, definitely. With QoS & PBR features you can manage both internet bandwidth and also traffic flows.
  • How is Audra Secure SD-WAN integrated with cloud security?
    • Audra Secure SD-WAN integrates seamlessly with its AI-based robust Audra Cloud security. With the virtual manager, automatic registration, and setup of the tunnels to the cloud, it's a matter of minutes to ensure your private cloud is completely secured.
  • How can I manage and operate Audra SD-WAN?
    • With Audra SD-WAN, you'll get a cloud-oriented central management console. The ideal approach for maintaining the entire network from any remote place is managing the same interface with a group of administrators through the cloud-based central management interface.
  • Can I still use my existing firewall with Audra SD-WAN?
    • Of course, you can. Just connect your existing firewall with the Audra Secure SDWAN controller by creating IPsec site-to-site tunnel.

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