Security and productivity controls for SMBs, in just 1-tap

Firewall made simple for the SMBs. Guard against online threats and maximize productivity, from a simple mobile app

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SMB owners find traditional business firewalls very complex


owners avoid network security solutions due to high cost


hackers target SMBs, as they lack the right securities


SMBs are hacked via IoT devices like printers, CCTVs, etc.


work-time is lost by employees for personal browsing

Secure and control office network from mobile app

None can make business firewall this simple. Safeguard office from cyber-attacks. Set IT policies like a pro. Control anytime, anywhere. Just in few taps
  • Zero-touch set-up

    Follow simple instructions. Or get support from Audra's partner. Install in a flash. Download the app. Register. And you are ready

  • Optimum connectivity

    Use two internet connections at the same time, with intelligent WAN redundancy. When both are live, enjoy load balancing for optimum speed

  • Cyber-threat prevention

    Like a robust firewall, make sure your office is protected from known and unknown cyberattacks, malwares, and many more

  • Data & privacy protection

    Protect your valuable business data and connected devices. Safeguard your privacy. In just a few clicks, shield all those are important

  • IT policy setting for work

    Block unwanted sites and apps for your employees. Help them focus on work. Make schedules and optimize productivity

  • Analytics and reporting

    Get stats, analytics, and reports wherever you go. Have complete visibility of what happens at work. Manage remotely. Enjoy peace of mind

Why Audra is practical for you?

Audra Business is built for SMBs knowing their pain points when it comes to firewalls. After successful trials over thousands of SMBs, Audra is perfected with the right features, right controls, and right remote management. Packaged in a simple mobile app, Audra Business is the best fit firewall for SMBs with almost no IT capabilities.
  • Audra is a combination of 3 components - 1 Gbps switch gateway device, AI & ML based Audra Cloud, and simple and intuitive Audra app
  • The gateway device sits between your modem and access points connected with the Audra cloud
  • Audra cloud syncs all the rules you have set for groups and individual devices and checks every data that passes through your network
  • If the incoming/outgoing data falls against your rules, Audra blocks it there. If the data doesn't fall under any rule, Audra it allows to pass

Thousands of SMBs trust Audra

Head of Admin Forward Logistics Sdn Bhd

SMEs like ours cannot afford complex and expensive security solutions. Audra Business came with its practical design and affordable package. This is just right for me.

CEO FactPro Pvt. Ltd

With Audra, it’s easy to get staff to focus on work. Audra’s rule-setting & usage analytics helped me set the right policies for the office, and the all-in-one mobile app gives me full control.

Services Director PT. PrismaSoft

We must use two internet connections at the same time & Audra works perfectly for this. It allows redundancy and load-balancing very practically. The plug-n-play setup is really convenient.

Frequently asked questions

  • I run an SME. Firewalls are complicated and expensive. Do I need a firewall at all?
    • Of course, you do. Typical firewalls are complicated and expensive for sure. But Audra has a simple design with enterprise-grade IT security. In just one tap, you can secure your business from almost all sorts of online threats like DDoS attacks, adware, malware & hacking. No IT security knowledge is required. It's that simple.
  • Who will set up Audra at my office? How complicated is that?
    • Audra Partners will complete the entire setup for you. Once set up, you only need the app to operate. All other matters - leave it to Audra and its partners. You just focus on your business, leave all your IT security concerns to us.
  • What happens if the device gets faulty?
    • You don't need to pay for the device; it's free with the subscription. And it comes with an unlimited warranty. Audra/Audra Partners will immediately replace your device if any technical fault arises; that too in completely zero charges. IT security of your business is our primary concern.
  • How does Audra ensure cyber protection all the time?
    • Audra's machine learning and artificial intelligence work 24x7. Audra's team of security experts, programmers, behaviour analysts and data scientists are constantly keeping an eye on every possible IT security threats out there. Besides, Audra is synced with Audra cloud that helps to add harmful sites to your blocked lists automatically.
  • Can Audra provide support if I have multiple offices?
    • Of course. You can get multiple Audra under the same subscription and manage from a single app. Or, if your offices need to be connected with SD-WAN over a secure VPN, Audra has other solutions to match those needs.

Be in control

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