Often, small to medium businesses find it difficult to get an internet security solution that speaks their language – affordable, easy, yet robust and effective. Audra BizSecure is right fit, if you are one of those businesses, who suffer day-in day-out. Audra Cloud AI, coupled with a gateway device, let you enjoy the best things of internet for your workplace. It puts YOU in control of what your business is supposed to achieve.

Take charge today, with the simple yet powerful DIY solution of Audra BizSecure.

Safeguard your business against these issues
average loss per online attack
of attacks lead to stoppage of business operations
online attack victims are SMBs
increase in attacks against IoT devices


Audra BizSecure is a combination of (a) Gateway device, (b) Cloud AI, and (c) Management app.

The gateway sits at your workplace in between your office devices and your ISP’s line. Once the easy installation is completed, the management app takes over to let you set controls and desired rules for your office internet. Every request or activity traffic passes through the gateway and gets filtered by the robust Audra Cloud through a secured protocol.

If allowed by your set controls or if it is safe for your workplace, the traffic gets allowed; else, it is dropped at the gateway. In this way, Audra BizSecure consistently works on the background to ensure your workplace and all the activities around it are following the rules set by you.

Audra BizSecure: See How Alex's Employees Never Miss A Deadline

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Setting Up Your Audra BizSecure

Setting up your Audra BizSecure is simple and hassle-free. In just a few moments, your business network is secured and in control with your desired internet usage preferences.

Step 1
Install & Activate
Step 2
Download Audra app
Step 3
Follow app guidelines
Step 4
Monitor from app or web
Step 5
Enjoy peace of mind

Audra Cloud

As a cloud-based service, Audra provides you on-demand controls and seamless customization for the internet behavior of the devices connected to your office network, through your HomeShield and BizSecure purchase.
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