Demystifying VPN: Safeguarding Information Security for SMBs

● VPN is a secure digital tunnel that connects two devices securely and ensures the highest data privacy possible
● Less than 20% of SMEs use VPNs, but they should be an essential part of your information security policy
● Audra Business+ solution provides enterprise-grade data encryption standards


If you've ever roamed the vast lands of the internet, chances are you've come across the mysterious acronym "VPN" or virtual private network. It's often hyped up by YouTubers as a tool to unlock global content, and it's the go-to tool for spies on TV to exchange top-secret messages without being detected.

But let's dive into the real deal behind these three enchanting letters, shall we?

Think of a VPN as a secret passage, a secure tunnel that links you directly to another computer. This tunnel is like an impenetrable force field, ensuring that only you and the intended recipient can communicate. No outsider can listen in or peek at what's being said. It's like having a private conversation in a locked room where nobody else can snoop around.

In essence, a VPN is your online VIP access, shielding your data from prying eyes and providing a safe channel for your digital conversations. It's your trusty sidekick that keeps your online activities under wraps, ensuring that your secrets remain secret. So, whether you're binging on global TV shows or exchanging classified cat memes, a VPN is the wizardry that keeps you protected in the vast and sometimes treacherous realm of the internet.

But here's the burning question: How does a VPN play its part in a Small/Medium Business's grand scheme of data privacy and information security?

Three ways that a VPN fits right into your infosec plans

Secure remote access for remote working

The freedom to work remotely has become the norm for many employees, but what about the security of accessing sensitive information from outside the office? Imagine your team needs to handle financial data, personal information, or company secrets while working remotely.

Fear not, for a VPN steps in as your trusty guardian. With a VPN, your team's connection gains an extra layer of protection, shielding it from external threats like sneaky hackers or data sniffers. In terms of user experience, it would feel as if they were accessing the data right from the office.

Protection while using public WiFi

Catering to the ever-mobile salespeople and field staff who are constantly on the move, the need to connect to public WiFi can be a real lifesaver when personal hotspot devices fail. However, this convenience comes with inherent risks to data privacy and information security. After all, public WiFi hotspots are a haven for hackers eagerly seeking to exploit any vulnerabilities they can find.

But fret not! By harnessing the mighty power of a VPN, you can let out a sigh of relief, knowing that your connection is impervious to prying eyes. With a VPN in place, your field staff can communicate, transmit data, and conduct financial transactions with unwavering confidence, free from the fear of data leakage. It's like having an invisible shield standing guard over their online activities, ensuring that sensitive information remains safely locked away from unauthorized access.

Hidden cost saving powers

While it may not be immediately apparent, the rise of VPNs has brought about significant cost-saving opportunities for companies that have long relied on leased lines or secure wired connections for their day-to-day business operations.

Thanks to the robust security offered by VPNs, they serve as an excellent and budget-friendly digital alternative to achieve the same objective: establishing a completely secure connection from point A to point B, all while bypassing the risks associated with data privacy and information security.

By embracing VPN technology, businesses can now enjoy the best of both worlds: a reliable and affordable solution that ensures their communication and data transmission remains shielded from prying eyes, without the hefty price tag of traditional leased lines. It's like unlocking a secret pathway to secure connectivity, all while keeping costs in check.

Ready to Join the VPN Party? Overcoming SMEs' Hesitations

After soaking in those captivating insights, we can sense your excitement building up to jump on the VPN bandwagon. But have you ever wondered why less than 20% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have actually embraced this game-changing technology?

In a recent survey, we delved deeper into the reasons behind SMEs' reluctance to subscribe to cloud-based VPN services. It turns out that issues such as reliability, speed, cost, and privacy concerns are the primary culprits holding them back.

Reliability is a top concern, as some business owners fear that if the VPN provider experiences any downtime, their entire VPN connectivity will suffer. Speed also enters the equation, with connection speeds heavily reliant on the location of the VPN provider.

Of course, cost is always a pivotal factor in today's frugal world, and many SMEs hesitate due to financial considerations. Lastly, there's the nagging question of actual privacy. While VPN tunnels themselves are secure, business owners express worry about whether the cloud VPN provider might be snooping into their connections, leaving them uncertain about their true level of privacy.

But fear not! In our forthcoming articles, because Audra Business+ has the solution for you!

Embrace the Freedom of Remote Work

Do you have a team of remote or off-site workers? If so, we have an incredible feature in Audra Business+ that will revolutionise the way you connect with your dispersed workforce, no matter where they are in the world. With this ingenious functionality, you can effortlessly establish multiple secure tunnels between your office and your remote users.

Say goodbye to security concerns, as Audra Business+ ensures a rock-solid and fully encrypted connection using advanced L2TP or IPSEC protocols. Your remote team members can now enjoy the benefits of a completely secure connection, all while accessing storage servers remotely or even printing documents in the office without being physically present.

Seamlessly Connecting Your Site Offices

Picture this: your headquarters in KL and your site office in Penang, physically miles apart, but with Audra Business+, you can effortlessly establish secure tunnels between these two locations. It's like having a virtual bridge that connects your offices, enabling seamless resource sharing. Whether it's accessing servers, utilizing data storage, or even linking devices like printers and CCTV cameras, everything functions as if they were in the same physical space.

What sets Audra Business+ apart is its unwavering commitment to data privacy and information security. Supporting industry-leading protocols like GRE, IPSEC Site to Site, and VTI, we prioritize the protection of your sensitive information. You can finally rest easy knowing that your data is shielded within a fortress of security, ensuring that privacy remains paramount throughout your interconnected network.

Last words...

In conclusion, a VPN is not just a tool for unlocking global content or a secret weapon for spies. It serves as a vital component in safeguarding data privacy and information security for small and medium-sized businesses. By providing secure remote access for remote working, protecting against risks while using public WiFi, and offering hidden cost-saving powers, a VPN becomes an indispensable ally in the grand scheme of infosec plans.

However, we understand that concerns about reliability, speed, cost, and privacy may have held back some businesses from embracing VPN technology. That's why Audra Business+ is here to address those concerns and provide a solution tailored to your needs.

Contact us for a demo of Audra Business+ and unlock a world of secure connectivity, keeping your data shielded and privacy paramount throughout your interconnected network

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