How To Setup Home

Step 1

Connect all your devices as shown in below picture:

Make sure all devices are switched on. Give at least 3 to 5 minutes for all the devices to initialize the settings.

Step 2

Connect to Audra Wi-Fi Access Point using default credentials.
Wi-Fi Network Name: Audra
Wi-Fi Passsword: audra123

Note: Ensure you are always connecting or connected to Audra Wi-Fi Access Point before continuing next steps.

Step 3

Open your web-browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and follow the below steps:

  1. a. Type in your browser URL address bar;
  2. b. Select ISP Profile1 and enter details to connect to the internet;


  1. Contact your ISP provider to know your your ISP Profile details (where applicable).

Note: You may receive a pop-up message saying, “Your Internet Setting is Successfully Configured”. Click “OK” to proceed to next step.

  1. c. Firmware Update (if available), device will automatically check for latest Firmware and update. Allow up to 20 minutes (depending on your internet connection type) for the process to complete.

Note: Please ensure there is no interruption in power or connectivity.


  1. Refresh the page or re-visit if the page does not progress automatically.
  2. You may also need to re-enter your ISP details before proceeding to next step (may vary for different internet connection types, web-browsers or models).

Step 4

Enter your Activation Code found on the bottom sticker under your Audra unit and fill in other details as requested on the page;

Once successfully created – login to the Audra Management Portal ( using your credentials;

Local Settings

To configure WAN settings, LAN settings, Wi-Fi name & password, Time Zone settings, Port Forwarding, etc., please follow below steps:

  1. 1. Type in your browser URL address bar;
  2. 2. Enter your Audra User Name and Password;
  3. 3. Click “Device Login”
  4. You can access all advance network settings from here:


Above methods may vary for different Models, Internet Service Provider (ISP) Type and Web-Browser.

Features may also vary for Home and Business (example: No Wi-Fi settings available in Business panel)


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