Need for productivity enhancement at workplaces, and how to achieve it.

The internet definitely comes across as an inherent part of most offices, but it’s also a wonderful way to play truant. Be it the omnipresent social media or a random assortment of weird cat memes, there are loads of them doing the rounds for you or your employees to wander online, often at the expense of work that needs to be done.

You obviously do not want to be termed a Nazi boss or an Ogre if you are looking at more contemporary terms, but if all you’re seeing around you is dipping productivity, then you will have to step up and decide what you want your employees to see or not see on their screens. You might lose your popularity but your workplace will probably start looking more efficient.

According to various researches, online shopping is mostly done during afternoon working hours. Almost two-thirds of shopping traffic comes from laptops and desktops during workdays. So something really needs to be done about that.

With Facebook hogging up to 19 minutes per day as per studies and YouTube enticing people at all hours of the day, it’s actually become imperative for employers to do something about productivity at work. It’s not like without the presence of such sites, the employees tend to be much more productive but with distractions available right at your fingertips, it becomes easy to give in.

Employees who have implemented a complete block of social media, however another story to share. They believe that blocking social media access is a costly exercise that simply doesn’t work. And that employee use of social media doesn’t necessarily unfavorably impact productivity.

With Audra, you could have the best of both the worlds – complete control over internet user patterns at your workplace as well as protect your data and enhance productivity. Without blocking all the sites, you could also manage screen time and let your employees have some fun too while at work.

And all this can be achieved through a small box that connects to your office Wi-Fi router and a simple app on your phone.

So only you decide the digital footprint of your workplace, anytime, anywhere.