Tame social media distractions to restore order at workplaces

Employers’ plans to take their organisations a few notches higher hit a roadblock when they find productivity of their employees being impacted, courtesy whatever distractions are causing the latter to lose focus or fall by the wayside. Social media overuse primarily surfaces as one of them. While the employers, in overseeing how and whether employees are working, waste time that would have been better spent formulating strategies for the company’s growth, the workers’ addiction to social media as a key factor impacting their productivity makes the supervision doubly pointless.

But there’s light at the end of this tunnel. These issues will soon be a thing of the past. With Audra, offices will now be able to regulate what online content (including social media and online shopping sites) employees consume and for how long.

It’s not just the employers who are facing this onslaught. With most companies resorting to cost-cutting and laying off workers, pressure on employees to perform to survive being sacked, let alone promoted, is immense. And as one needs to remain focused to keep distractions at bay, free access to social media and online shopping sites has been found to be a major nuisance.

In some cases, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram discussions among colleagues in office drive those relatively less active to secretly look to draw level with others. Employees love to flaunt their high count of followers, connections, friends and ‘likes’ on posts before their co-workers. This drives up the social media competition. And the other, more significant competition – of trying to be a greater asset at workplace – gets relegated to a role of irrelevance.

The urge to shop online (Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, etc.) or check social media is so overpowering that taking 20-30 minutes out a day is a diversion employees feel they can casually afford. Not realising that this addiction makes them oblivious of the time invested, which can get to an hour or so each day. Imagine finishing work an hour earlier every day, straining your eyes an hour less staring at the screen, giving your best in your stipulated hours and returning home more fulfilled.

Here’s an end to your worries. With Audra Business, you can regulate your office Wi-Fi to either deny access to social media/online shopping sites that usually distract employees or set a screentime that restricts workers’ daily/weekly surfing of such sites to a bare minimum. The latter possibility comes into effect in case of an occasional recourse to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ,etc. to promote office work.