Audra SD-WAN: A complete network management system for multi-branch offices which is also secure and simplistic to use.

For a long time now, businesses have used the famous MPLS WAN to use data from a single network. With the introduction of the SD-WAN in the market taking the place of MPLS, WAN was quick too. Many growing and multi-branch companies are struggling in this world full of networks and data to manage. All of this networking and managing might cause your network to slow down, particularly around peak hours.

As your company grows, network administration becomes more complex, placing excessive strain on your IT department and your reputation. However, SD-WAN could be a strong network that could boost the working of the high-bandwidth apps and support enormous data consumption. Hence, you have to stay focused on your business while Audra SD-WAN manages and maintains your network's security and scalability.

What is SD-WAN?

Software-Defined Wide Area Network ( SD-WAN ) could be considered the one-stop solution for existing dependencies on multiple ISPs. It is the next-gen connectivity and networking possibility for your business. SD-WAN, hosted in the cloud, offers the advantage of replacing the bulky hardware of lease lines, reducing hardware infrastructure requirements. It allows you to enhance your business with almost no restrictions, allowing you to have flawless communication even in the most rural corners of India. To experience the complete networking package for your business, then SD-WAN is the simple, reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solution.

Business-driven SD-WAN

A simple SD-WAN system controls a network based on predefined protocols, often configured using templates. A business-driven SD-WAN ensures excellent application efficiency regardless of network conditions or modifications, such as latency or network blackouts. A business-driven SD-WAN adapts instantly and in real-time to every variation in the network's shape through constant monitoring and self-learning.

A business-driven SD-WAN evolves to promptly transform the system, immediately changing to every factor affecting software quality. It proves as a wall against the network congestion, brownouts, and transit outage circumstances, allowing users to interact with applications without manual IT assistance.


Cloud gateway

SD-WAN forms a cloud integration amongst the multiple branches of your business. It performs as a private cloud gateway for your organization. Every application node in your system will be linked to the particular cloud with SD-WAN.

Central System

A company with several branches needs to protect and manage its network excessively. SD-WAN has been proven the ideal option in such conditions as it could provide centralized monitoring, flexibility, and control over the web.


SD-WAN works as a robust firewall. Stateful and stateless firewalls are used when accessing cloud services via open or local systems.


Using a secured connection for the flow of information, central management from a master intelligent orchestrator for all of your business branches is possible with SD-WAN.


SD-WAN could provide centralized management and control automatically according to your network needs. It acts as a hub for the auto-configuration of security and surveillance.

Threat Management

A secure network needs a well-performing threat management system. It provides the protocol management for every incoming and outgoing connection, PPS and MBPS. The cloud store data has the functionality of cloud traffic analysis for better and faster networking.

Granular control

SD-WAN does provide a stateless and stateful filtration scheme for the business networks. It makes the process effortlessly flexible and straightforward network managing system for the security and management of your multi-branch business.


SD-WAN automates WANs, saves expenses, improves transmission rate, and delivers a smooth ramp to the cloud with many application performances, particularly for mission applications, all while maintaining security and data privacy.

Comparing MPLS-WAN and SD-WAN


SD-WAN consists of a single pane of management working as a centralized portal and secured end-to-end remote support for your business. On the other side, MPLS or lease line has a vast network infrastructure, and several ISPs result in constant in-house efforts from the IT department.

Cloud Support

Using the MPLS system creates all the traffic from the multiple branches, which have to be routed through a data centre with no direct access to the cloud makes it difficult. At the same time, SD-WAN has a robust cloud support architecture that increases uptime.


There are no initial heavy costs for the SD-WAN, which requires basic metal hardware infrastructure. With MPLS, you need to pay an onboarding subscription fee for every ISPs, and internal administrative costs are different.


The experience of MPLS has been set up and configured manually, owing to the complex policy setting rules for the users. SD-WAN provides Pre-built rules for application prioritization and automated connection switchover.

SD-WAN is the right choice

Enterprises are increasingly adopting the cloud and contributing to software-as-a-service (SaaS). Though customers used to go back to the computer network to access enterprise software, some of those apps are now available as a service from the cloud. However, If your company is dealing with one or more of the issues listed below, SD-WAN can help. So, if any of the following circumstances seem similar, you might install SD-WAN on your own or consider help from the providers:

  • Establishing a network configuration to a new company branch location might take weeks or even months.
  • Connectivity switchover latencies and repeated unscheduled downtime
  • The requirement for real-time accessibility to cloud-based SaaS solutions
  • Monitoring network consumption is problematic due to a lack of transparency.
  • Modifications to the network are implemented slowly.
  • Obtaining bandwidth in rural places is tricky.
  • Increasing network infrastructure maintaining operational expenses.

Thus, the traditional WAN is no longer sustainable, primarily as backhauling all networks from branch offices to headquarters, particularly data bound to the cloud, increases delay and affects system performance. SD-WAN is the complete package that is simple and effective for your business's security management and network flow monitoring. Improved application performance boosts corporate efficiency, customer loyalty, and profits. Additionally, constant security always lowers the risk to the company.

Why Audra?

Audra SD-WAN performs as an orchestrator connected with the robust cloud that manages every data transmission from various branches. It ensures that the data privacy is secured and efficient through a secured tunnel. It makes sure that all remote users connected to the cloud network have secured remote access to make it a safe and straightforward network connection for the businesses.

Audra is an obvious game-changer in the market, as multi-branched enterprises worldwide embrace SD-WAN. It combines on-premises and cloud-native technologies to provide maximum mobility. Audra Secure SD-WAN keeps your concerns distant when you require a sturdy and durable WAN design across your headquarters, branches, and cloud sites. Moreover, Control all of your remote offices through Edge gateways, cloud services via SASE Gateway, and remote users over encrypted VPN tunnels from a single cloud panel.

The Audra Orchestrator efficiently controls SASE Gateways and Organization Edge Gateways simultaneously, providing significantly more extensive performance metrics, multi-dimensional and flexible management approach, and reliable monitoring with secured network systems. In collaboration with its unique ACMP, the Audra Orchestrator gives you the heart of the action for ensuring unbreakable VPN overlays throughout your scattered networks, restricted to small detail.

Audra SD-WAN provides versatility by combining on-premises Edge gateways with state-of-the-art SASE gateways, ensuring that you are in complete control and carefully protected against any risks.

Security Features

Audra SD-WAN comes with a variety of security features to fulfil your requirements.

  • Access Control System
  • Spam Generation Guard
  • Anti DDoS Attacks
  • Adware Prevention
  • Malware Prevention
  • Unwanted Traffic Categories Blocking
  • Firewall for Private Cloud
  • Firewall for Inter-Branch Communication
  • Firewall for Remote Access Client

are just a few of the security features by Audra SD-WAN.


To conclude, though SD-WAN is a fulfilled package in its way, Audra could provide you with a complete network management system that could work wonders for your multi-branch business offices. Audra Secure SD-WAN works in cooperation with Audra Cloud security, which AI powers. It just takes a few minutes to guarantee your private cloud is entirely safe with the digital administrator, automated authentication, and configuration of the cloud tunnels. You can also connect your existing firewall with the Audra secured SD-WAN controller providing a secure and straightforward tunnel for data transmission.


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