Secure Data Transit, Protect Your IT Resources from Cyber Threats & Grow Your Enterprise in Stress-Free with Audra.

Your Enterprise security has to be your primary concern in today's digital world. In the fast-paced Hi-tech world, every Enterprise must be secured from any security threats. Audra makes sure that your Enterprise has it all covered. All your cyber security worries will vanish once you understand the Audra Enterprise features. It offers secure data transit and protects your IT resources from cyber crimes, to result in a growing Enterprise without any stress.

Audra ensures that you are in charge of your security system with properly managed and enhanced networking and robust firewalling. When it is your Enterprise to run, Audra comes forward to help you manage and monitor things with utmost secure networking and without any cyber threats to the Enterprise. It has to be a stress-free experience to make the Enterprise grow immensely and securely.

The ecosystem you will work in, the Enterprise that has to grow into the industry, has to have a firm base. A strong foundation and groundwork make the Enterprise stronger. To step up in the market, you have to be safe from any external attacks or threats so that you can shine brighter into the world of stressed industry with several cybercrimes.

Secure data transit

Audra has a proper path for transmitting your data, covering every concerning aspect of your Enterprise's security. Managing data over cloud storage is the latest and safest way for your business data. Audra's cloud console does precisely the same. It works and monitors the transmitting data over the cloud networking. Audra's cloud console distributes policy and configuration settings across all gateway devices.

A secured tunnel for the interaction amongst the users and data has been arranged that makes the whole process more secure. The Secured VPN tunnelling provided by Audra consists of an IPsec site-to-site secured VPN connection. It is for the business-critical information transit, resource sharing and the overall centralized management and monitoring process.

Moreover, Audra offers a DNS security system where DNS spoofing and fake DNS requests are prevented by continuously identifying valid interfaces to accept DNS inquiries.

Protection from Cyber Threats

Audra Enterprise edition has a powerful web-filtering technique. Such a robust technique is equipped with cloud AI for protecting your data transmission security. It also manages and monitors to protect the network from advanced threats.

Cyber security has to be your priority to prevent specific mechanisms based on machine learning and some AI-driven solutions. Audra offers Malware blocking and DDoS attack prevention for your business to grow seamlessly.

Audra provides a feature that gives the maximum security and confidentiality of any enterprise resources and data. Stateful Firewall by Audra Enterprise makes it possible for clients to protect themselves from cyber threats. The Firewall serves as a shield between safe and recognized web servers and non-trustworthy external network connections.


With Audra providing the best services for securing and monitoring your business data flow, you need not stress that department. When you have an IT department handling all the work, it happens that they end up having a massive bundle of responsibilities and stress on your shoulders. Thus, Audra enables flexible packet routing based on particular policies. It is so that the traffic flows according to your priority traffic along with a high-cost link.

Moreover, to manage the productivity terms and monitor the data transmission and security, Audra enterprise consists of group-wise bandwidth and port-based application QoS management.

Working Flow

The management portal provided to every client according to their needs and facilities is different. Audra gives them a professional yet straightforward solution that controls network features. It is a robust solution to ensure maximum and optimum security for your business to have growth in the market against their competitors. The management portal makes it possible to have seamless connectivity across multiple business branches.

Audra Enterprises works with AI and ML-based cloud solutions. It intensely works towards securing your transmitted data and monitoring the progress for your business to grow in the market. It syncs the rules and regulations you have set and learns with it continuously. The self-learning process constantly lets Audra evolve with the knowledge of threats and keeps your system network protected.

It has an on-premise gateway appliance for stress-free security from cyber threats on your business premises. The gateway connects all your office devices and appliances. It then lets you connect and communicate with the Audra cloud. After the interaction with the cloud, it establishes a firmly secured network connectivity system in other branches.

Finally, the Audra Enterprise consists of two major sections for complete working. IT manages the data transmission, provides security to the data and monitors every detail from the multiple branches. Audra Enterprise has a control plane application to manage and monitor the data and a Data plan application to store the data monitored and gained from the continuous evaluation.

Why Audra?

Audra's cloud firewall, driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence, comes with an on-premises gateway appliance and a management site. Together, they provide

  • an all-in-one,
  • single-point, and
  • a solid cloud panel provides all of the features that today's new-age IT professionals want.

As it manages enterprise-wide data traffic, the cloud stores all specifications and guides the gateway appliance to obey the defined policies and features.

A perfectly built securing and monitoring internet management wall to safeguard your Enterprise and your best employees is Firewall. To gain considerable success for your business, you must have proper control over monitoring and understanding the system. The Audra cloud data transmission is unique in the market, bringing the highest productivity to mission-critical enterprise network administration and security.

  • Audra Enterprise provides controllers with better network administration and efficiency due to partitioned programs for the controlling layer and data layers.
  • With Audra Enterprise, you can safeguard your business against cyber threats and regain ownership of your internet control with simple yet sophisticated features.
  • Audra Business is an on-premises, cloud-controlled powerful gateway firewall that uses policy provisioning to protect enterprise networks.
  • Effortless policy provisioning works with quick setup and installation, giving instantaneously synced configurations over an encrypted connection.
  • Audra Enterprise delivers seamless features for creating, updating, modifying, and enforcing security rules across the whole network from a single and centralised cloud platform.

In this fast-paced era with everything moving and transforming to a new digital world, protecting big data is also an essential concept to consider. Many IT professionals consider such security of the cyber threats as the primary concern for today and the near future. It is mainly because several companies have suffered a massive loss due to their employees' threats.

Especially when entrepreneurs interested in expanding their business with multiple branches have to consider the IT expert's advice on understanding branch network connectivity as a major obstacle in growing the company. With more branches come more challenging hurdles in managing and monitoring safe data transmission over the internet. Hence, move forward to consider all such points and implement the best possible opportunity like Audra Enterprise to let your business grow high without you being stressed and having a secure data transit with security from cyber threats.

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